Saturday, January 8, 2011

OMG a lizard fell on my right it LUCK or OMEN?

I had never been that startled, not until a house lizard (Hemidactylus -the House Geckos) fell straightly on my right shoulder. 

Whoa, I jumped off from my feet and looked on my right shoulder and bingo! I saw the house lizard seemed comfortably landing touch down, and as my defensive mechanism would command I shook it off and off it fell on the floor oblivious whether it's a perfect landing or a crash the gecko just crawled gracefully and cluelessly on the floor (giggles)

Again, my inquisitive mind began to wander....hmmm it's not like everyday that a lizard would fell on you, right? So could there be something supernatural phenomenon behind it? Is it a sign? Could it be a good luck or an omen?

it's like Google bulb instantly turned its light on with blaring yellow light, I immediately search with a query phrase: lizard fallen on my shoulder and the links queued in seconds.

Just like I expected, there are really indeed beliefs about lizard falling on you. However, there's one that caught my attention because it is very specific, as it gives details on the meaning if the lizard would fall on this day and on which part of your body. It is quite amusing not to be shared.

Let me share what I had found out; let's begin with Monday, yes as in the first day of the week.  It says that if a lizard would fall on you on Monday or Tuesday, you will receive good news within nine (9) months; if it's on Wednesday or Thursday, good news will come in a month; if it's on Friday, it will come in two (2) weeks and if it's on Saturday or Sunday it will take a year.  Hmmm today is Saturday so it will be on 2012 :)

Now we go to what does it mean if the lizard fell on a specific part of the body:
(1) If the lizard fell on your head, right arm, thigh or waist, wealth will be yours somehow. 
(2) If it fell on your forehead, you will meet an important person.  
(3) If it fell on either the left side of a woman or right side of a man it means auspicious or prosperity.  
(4) If the lizard fell on the left ear, wrist or neck it signifies financial gain and mental stability. 
(5) If it's on the chest it indicates that the property owner will gain wealth and more property.
(6) If it's in the food while it is being eaten, it indicates opponents.
(7) If it's on the back, it indicates ill luck.
(8) If it's on the right leg, it indicates journey while if it's on the left leg indicates loss.
(9) If it's on the eyes, it indicates gain of wealth.
(10)If it's on the stomach or belly, it indicates possessions of ornaments

I think I like that :p

Here are the bonus info beliefs given:

If a lizard making a sound when the occupant of the house is about to switch on the lights indicates new developments and wealth.  If a lizard cries or sneezes inside a house is misfortune. If a lizard emanates sound from east side at night indicates good luck however if it sounds just before sunrise indicates bad luck

Don’t you find them amusing? They may be superstitions and myths but sometimes it's amazing how people treat and see and interpret things that are not quite ordinary and unusual.


  1. I just touched a lizard with my right hand index finger. Of course by mistake. Could not find anything on the net for touching a Lizard meaning.

    I hate them, unless this encounter is going to get me something good.

    1. I think it has to fall on you.. lmao

  2. A house lizard fell on my right shoulder! But it was a dead one! What does it mean?